Wetland & Environmental

Tough environmental laws, enacted by local, state, and federal governmental agencies, as well as court actions by private individuals, have resulted in vast legal liabilities for parties involved in land development. Today, most land development projects demand an in-depth environmental impact assessment as part of the government review process; complex environmental regulatory requirements regarding wetlands, tidelands, and streams must be satisfied.

MEA’s staff fully understands our nation’s ever-changing environmental regulations. By keeping current on myriad of municipal, county, state, and federal codes – as well as the latest technical advancements – we make certain our clients’ projects are compliant with all regulatory criteria.

One of the most daunting tasks facing the developer today is acquiring the necessary approvals and permits from municipal, county, and state regulatory agencies. MEA facilitates this process by staying abreast of the constantly changing regulatory environment and pursuing the acquisition of permits with perseverance and persistence. Our staff routinely attends professional classes and seminars to master current and pending regulations that are critical to the broad scope of the land development process.

To assist our clients in the successful acquisition of approvals and permits, MEA also provides expert testimony at public hearings. Our reputation is built on decades of experience interacting with board members, preparing eye-catching exhibits (including 3-dimensional color renderings), and presenting clear and concise methodologies and conclusions.

  • wetland assessments and delineations
  • site inventory and analysis
  • environmental impact assessments
  • threatened and endangered species assessment
  • preparation of permit applications